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Look, I know this seems petty, but I really don't want Harry Styles to play Prince Eric in the new Little Mermaid. Reason number one: When band member Zayn left, he said some rather unflattering things about Styles' personality. Styles allegedly tried to steal the spotlight in the band, and was arrogant and attention seeking. Reason number two: This film has a black Ariel, to promote racial equality. Why not have someone of a different race to play Eric too? Many people would be happy to know that their race has been represented in a classic movie remake. Reason number three: Yes, his voice is alright, but there are plenty of other better singers that would fit the job description. Has his voice ever moved anyone to tears as others have? I don't really think so. What's so great about him? He's just another one of those guys who went on a mainstream television show to "prove his worth" and basically show off. There are other, better ways to get your singing out there. Reason number four: Is he really Prince Eric material? Prince Eric was depicted as a strong muscular man, with defined cheekbones. Personally, I don't find Styles at all attractive in the way that people are supposed to find Prince Eric. Please consider signing this petition, it would mean a lot to me.