Get season 3 of Diary of a Future President on Disney+

Get season 3 of Diary of a Future President on Disney+

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Started by Mack McEvoy

(Description may include spoilers to the show if you have not watched.)

Diary of a Future President is about a middle schooler by the name Elena. Elena of course becomes the future president. This show focuses on her and her family. Her family consits of her, her brother Bobby, her mom, and later in the show her moms boyfriend. Elena throughout the show is represted as her school activist. She strives to be student/class president.

You also see a lot of her brother Bobby’s life. Bobby is in highschool and struggles with finding himself aswell as his sexuality. He tries to figue out all these new emotions he’s experiencing. He has a crush on one of his close friends but doesnt know how to tell him, or if he should. Bobby doesn’t want to be gay but eventually excepts it and becomes some what proud of it. Later on in the show he ends up in a relationship.

Elena’s Mom has been struggling to accept that her kids are growing up. She’s also having a hard time with her kids not wamting to tell her everything like they used to. Elena’s mom has a best friend who idetifies as lesbain and is always overthinking about doing something wrong with her relationship.

Last but not least, the mons boyfriend. His name is Sam. After moving in, he doesn’t really know his place in the family. He doesn’t know if he does something wrong and will often overthinking about this.  

This show deserves to have teh season three on Diesney+. The shows first two seasons have already been on it and it makes no sense for them to put it on another streaming service. I belive this will cause them to get less fewers. Majority of people most likely will not watch it on another sevice. People may not have the other services  If you can sign this petition, it would help a lot.

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!