get Disney to cast Magalie Langrais as Charlie Duncan all grown up

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Good Luck Charlie is a show that most teens and young adults today would recognize as being a big part of their childhood. The show is centred on Teddy, a young girl who’s just living her teenage life, making mistakes and learning from them. Through making these mistakes, she’s able to learn and pass on this wisdom to her baby sister, Charlie. Teddy creates vlogs giving advice to her sister, in the hopes that she will watch them one day and follow them as well.

What Disney Channel needs right now is a NEW, revamped Good Luck Charlie, starring Charlie as a teenager, following her big sisters advice through her home-made videos!

Magalie Langrais is perfect for this role. She emcompaces all the necessary traits and charisma that that spunky little kid had in the original show, giving a fresh, new perspective on all that what Charlie was supposed to be.

Good Luck Charlie was a staple to anyone growing up in the 2010’s, a show that is near and dear to our hearts. Lets make this happen!