Fans unite for petition to get lucasfilm away from the libs and do George Lucas's real EU.

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Star Wars fans need to let Disney and Lucasfilm know that we don't want the sequel trilogy as canon any longer (if you wanna understand, click here. As much as the first two were competent and entertaining movies to anybody that like them, myself included, those in charge have known so much has become irrelevant to the story after what happened with Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. In order for this to work and to make this happen, we need to gather together in any way we can including this petition as fans, and we must stop supporting Disney Star Wars movies including the merchandise that they're selling. Starting with the Solo movie, if that fails, we'll continue to the next one and so forth.

If and when The Walt Disney Company and LucasFilm start to listen, we will tell them we don't want these movies to affect canon from this point forward. We want a creative direction and new fresh stars and we want minds like David Filoni and Kevin Feige. And we want those creative directors to collaborate with George Lucas on what he originally intended for the sequel trilogy (if he'll be interested). LucasFilm needs to fix this before they destroy a great sci-fi universe.

The new movies released since Disney took over the franchise have been declining in quality, each exponentially worse than the one preceding it. Last year saw the controversial "The Last Jedi" polarize the fandom, as evidenced by the box office flop of the Han Solo standalone movie this year. Despite featuring high adventure of the franchise's most beloved scoundrel, "Solo" has only garnered an abysmal 7.1/10 on IMDB and 71% on Rotten Tomatoes (for some reason right now, they switched movies with a movie that has 3.9/10 on IMDB and its 6% percent on rotten tomatoes...). Even more telling, the film only earned $391.4 million vs. it's $275 million budget. Compare that to "The Force Awakens" bringing in $2.068 billion against a $308 million budget. The excitement has fizzled. The hype is "a long time ago."


Look at all the posters of TLJ and solo, she cares nothing about making star wars better or your kids, she just wants to sell her propaganda product, to promote her group because she just wants to make, money! She does not care what we think, she just cares about herself and getting her way. And that is not what we want for the fan-base, that is not what we want, not for star wars.



Now I know you are all worried about George Lucas being involved in this, not because thinking he'll "screw up" or any, but because of making the same mistakes again, especially with the prequels. And It may cost Disney a lot to do a redo the whole third part of the saga, But the way things are going for know, especially without a proper guide, their not treating it right. and the backlash proves it. So we need this to happen, star wars can survive without George Lucas's vision. the franchise can't go on without a proper guide, and that's the truth.

so if you wanna this to happen, sign away, and tell them your reasons why you sighed down below. Remember, share this with other people you know. Tell the spread the word to fix the fandom!