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Star Wars fans need to let Disney and Lucasfilm know that we don't want the sequel trilogy as canon any longer (if you wanna understand, click here. As much as the first two were competent and entertaining movies to anybody that like them, myself included, those in charge have know so much has become irrelevant to the story after what happened with Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi . In order for this to work and to make this happen, we need to gather together in any way we can including this petition as fans, and we must stop supporting Disney Star Wars movies including the merchandise that they're selling. Starting with the Solo movie, if that fails, we'll continue to the next one and so fourth.

If and when The Walt Disney Company and LucasFilm starts to listen, we will tell them we don't want these movies to affect canon from this point forward. We want a creative direction and new fresh stars and we want minds like David Filoni and Kevin Feige. And we want those creative directors to collaborate with George Lucas on what he originally intended for the sequel trilogy (if he'll be interested). LucasFilm needs to fix this before they destroy a great sci-fi universe.

The new movies released since Disney took over the franchise have been declining in quality, each exponentially worse than the one preceding it. Last year saw the controversial "The Last Jedi" polarize the fandom, as evidenced by the box office flop of the Han Solo standalone movie this year. Despite featuring high adventure of the franchise's most beloved scoundrel, "Solo" has only garnered an abysmal 7.1/10 on IMDB and 71% on Rotten Tomatoes (for some reason right now, they switched movies with a movie that has 3.9/10 on IMDB and its 6% persent on rotten tomatoes...). Even more telling, the film only earned $391.4 million vs. it's $275 million budget. Compare that to "The Force Awakens" bringing in $2.068 billion against a $308 million budget. The excitement has fizzled. The hype is "a long time ago."

Like for example, i liked the phantom menace when i was a kid, it was my fourth favorite star wars film, and to this day i still like it, im one of the few that don't hate that film. That doesn't mean i love it, if it was, i wouldn't have it in my fourth (cause im more of a big fan of the originals trilogy before I saw PM, empires actually my first favorite film, following Jedi second and new hope third). Its not a perfect film, and i agree with everybody here, that film ant that great, but it knew what it was. and its okay for me to like something even if its bad just like the people that liked The Last Jedi. Point is, we should respect peoples opinions even if we don't agree with them. And in this case we have to if we need this to work.

Now i know that there's still people that liked force awakens and the characters like Rey, Poe, Finn and BB-8 and i can understand why and i can agree. But would anyone rather have that over a person, that is trying to give your kids of the future generation an identity, cause that's what she's trying to do to make her own "fan base" (and ill get to it soon and ill explain as i go forward down). The fact that he made the male characters idiots (and changed Luke Skywalker) was to make the female characters look good. Why do you think they made Rey the main character? To make star wars appeal to females, right? in a way yes, that's what they want for "us" to think (meaning Kathy K here). And why do you think they made her force-sensitive and intelligent (meaning good at everything)? To get more women to watch star wars movies.

Because Kathy K wants women to know that this character Rey is a good role model, that ability are just given too women and can do anything better and it's that easy for them, even without having to go through any struggles, difficulty or challenges! Because they think that's how it is, not for men, it works only for women. now does anybody thinks that's how it works, in reality? Only men can take it, but for women they don't go through struggles in life, it's just handed to you recently and everything's always perfect for them? right? Nope... So, WHY?, why is this character not a good role model for females, you daughters, sisters and women in general, can you guest. cause its not meant to make them into independent women, nope. Remember when i said she's trying give the kids an identity not to long ago, well that's because of Kathy K giving them an identity.

Now here's the reality of what Kathy K's really doing. stay with me. She's actually using these kids and bringing a lot of  SWB's (star wars bums aka the bad star wars fans) to make this "fan-base" and in trust them to do only one thing, to support her. Giving the SWB's fan-service and selling the kids toys, in order to bring in females and then lure them in in the process to market this specific group she's promoting, and this role model, Rey, including all of the characters that she created, was to advertise these products to that specific group that she's promoting, with these kids (females).

And use them to her advantage by telling them what this is being a independent is and this is how it works and this how it should be, because women are no matter what. Because women are special, women are unique, women should be treated with respect because women are high above all even men, and those that are lower then them should always support them. this is sending messages to these little girls that can get anything they want have their way cause their women, it literately implants the minds of those little girls and tells them if anybody has a problem with that "your a bigot", your sexist, your racist and they need to respect that or if they well have to shun them out of are community cause their not real star wars fans. it is are fanbase alone, where its for females only and no male fans aloud, especially white men.

BTW (All women, 8 - 18 and higher. Tall, short, black, Asian, any color. young and old, gay, transgender, males that aren't white, any agenda. Not just kids generally, Adults and grown men, anybody. But it's not just them she's aiming for, their not the ones that needed of an identity, their not the one she's marketing too, their not the ones helping her make millions of dollars off this propaganda product she's selling. Its girls, its little girls she's aiming to help her promote a campaign (her fan-base) she's making right now. And what she's doing is not right and is very very bad for them, but ill get to that in a bit. click here)

And I know their people that are not gonna believe this but its true, that's what they want you to think, you don't know your being manipulated, they don't know their being manipulated, okay. You think you're buying a product from Kathy K that is good taste, you think you're buying Kathy K, no your not. Kathy K is buying you! you are the product! So, yeah, the point is she's training your kids, into SJW's while bring more of adult SJW's in the process. she's basically putting diversity in those movies. that's whats happening here, that's why star wars are dying, that's the type of group she's aiming to make her "fan-base", that's what she promoting, and that is what your kids are gonna grow up to be in the next ten to twenty years.

Why? To promote her gender agenda driven propaganda, for her own SJW fan-base she's creating, cause she's actually building an SJW star wars franchise outside of the old one. She wants a franchise that cater to female fans only click here. When someone like her, a producer; that has a twisted ideology and is in control of a product like this, She will use it to delude and manipulate them to her side of the force. This is the kind of women, no, individual who thinks can get whatever she wants and get away with it, who literately takes advantage of little kids, thinks us stupid, and tells lies and BS to people "Its star wars, they'll like it anyway!"... That's how confident that im willing to bet that women is think she is in her head.

And i am betting she's is training the audience, even the new generation, to watch this BS, after a while you just become concerned, about this. the very idea, that we as fans, as people just sent a message to fricken Hollywood that this is the person we want to have, producing other franchises. And god forbid, if you put in charge and have her keep giving us the same diversity crap, she'll destroy the entire entertainment industry, crumbling. And your kids as they get older developing bad behavior their gonna differently towards other people because, their spread hate and look down on other people who are different and at some point your gonna be concerned for your kids, your absolutely gonna be concerned, do you really want that for your kids. I know that may not really happen, but that's one step away. 

But we can change cause we need to teach are kids the opposite, we need to teach them extend their creativity, that's what star wars does, we show them how we can make star wars better, its storytelling far and beyond. teach them how we can inspire them, that's what we need to do. This is about, how we can help and inspire people, how they can help people, how to make things better, and to incourage them to do stuff that's incredible both the world and star wars. This is about helping are kids find their identity, not her giving them one. And if you ask me we should have done what George Lucas wanted to do with the sequel trilogy, not what Kathy K wanted.

Look at all the posters of TLJ and solo, she cares nothing about making star wars better or your kids, she just wants to sell her propaganda product, to promote her group because she just wants to make, money! She does not care what we think, she just care about herself and getting her way. And that is not what we want for the fan-base, that is not what we want, not for star wars.

Now Judgement day is upon Kathy K and its going to happen a soon as possible, and if we want to make this happen, we need to get a lot of signatures in order for this to work. and as soon as Kathy here is gone (because solo is the battleground remember that and the movie after "if".) and we have enough signatures, we're gonna let Disney know we want a redo on the sequels. And tell them that we wanna be challenged from star wars, we want new stuff from star wars, we want good compeling storytelling from star wars. We want David Filoni or Kevin Fiege to be the head of lucasfilm, we want George Lucas to collaborate with them, we want them to do what George Lucas intended for the sequels, we want to see the Skywalker line continue, we want to see Luke, Han and Lea have kids, we want to see good developement in both of these characters. we wanna see characters old and new in the new EU brought back in some way, we want all that stuff,  and we want that cause star wars deserves better, we deserve better, and we have to demand better.

(And cut that crap in the anthology films with the "A star wars story" title and desplay text's, and the idea of the crawl they cut because they wanna be different from the main timeline BS. that would be a really good start on that, that would make a lot of fans happy and people happy. I don't remember hearing one single good thing about it from anybody, even the positive reviews that like rogue one don't talk about it man).

Now I know worried about George Lucas being involved in this, not because thinking he'll "screw up" or any, but because of making the same mistakes again, especially with the prequels. And It may cost Disney a lot to do a redo the whole third part of the saga, But the way things are going for know, especially without a proper guide, their not treating it right. and the backlash proves it. So we need this to happened, star wars can survive without George Lucas's vision. the franchise can't go on without a proper guide, and that's the truth.

so if you wanna this to happen, sign away, and tell them your reasons why you sighed down below. Remember, share this with other people you know. Tell the spread the word to fix the fandom!

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