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Save Club Penguin

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Club Penguin is, and always will be our greatest childhood game. It's sad too see a game that we've played for 12 years gone for a "new" and "better" version for mobile. What I feel bad for is the children that play it. Most of them don't even know what's going to happen and it breaks my heart seeing them play the game not knowing that it will soon be over. Together, we can revive the Club Penguin and all of its fun. Disney might take the game away, but not our memories. I hope they realize that Games aren't all about money, they're about friends and things are bring us sentimental value to us. Disney should keep the game on PC and make it mobile aswell. Although mobile is strong, PC is stronger and is what brought us these fun, adventurous games first. I have huge amounts of respect for Disney and Club penguin, and that's why I am making this petition. If you can't afford to keep Club Penguin on PC, sell it and maybe, just maybe Club Penguin will be here for my future kids to play and enjoy, like I did for many years. We can save Club penguin, by not playing Club penguin island. If we don't play CPI Disney will shut it down and bring back the old club penguin. If we don't play it and not buy memberships, they'll lose money and hopefully bring back the old club penguin. It's worth a shot. Good luck penguins! :)

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