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The Walt Disney Company: DISNEY: Rescind your request to Trademark Dia De Los Muertos.

There are some things in the United States of America that we have unfortunately allowed companies to get away with that when you think about it makes no sense. This request by Disney to TRADEMARK the cultural holiday Dia De Los Muertos has gone over and above what I unfortunately have come to expect from these large companies. We need matter what your culture is decide to put our feet down and say NO to a company feeling entitled to own a cultural and general celebration of the death of ancestors and loved ones. Sorry, but this is just plain old UNACCEPTABLE.  For all of the things Disney USED to stand for this cannot happen and they should know better.

I have personally grown up here in Arizona and am well aware of the meaning of this holiday.  

Another small bit of information...Arizona was once part of Mexico...  What has happened here just in the form of Mexican Studies being removed is disgraceful enough.  How dare we allow a conglomerate to capitalize on this sacred day.


**another petition was sent to me in regards to this same action...please sign this also!!!!

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