Replace Art of Animation with Pop Century Legendary Years

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After 9/11, tourism slowed down drastically. This caused the project of Pop Century to be only half complete. The plan was to have 2 sides, Classic Years and Legendary Years. The Legendary years was to include 00’s to the 40’s featuring a coke bottle pool and another lobby with a giant monopoly board (from consept art). This could have been one of the largest resorts on property  However, they slowed down construction after 9/11 and eventually canceled the project. The property was eventually repuposed for another project. In 2012, Disney opened Art of Animaton to the public. They used the foundation for the buildings and even the 2 already completed buildings. Disney had the ability to make Legendary Years a reality for everybody to enjoy, but decided to go another route. So make sure to sign this if you want so see the Pop Century that never was.

The Plan:

Disney could keep the existing foundation, but the pools, lobby, and buildings would be re-themed to support the legendary years. They could change the building entirely so its just like it was originally planned. The art of animation is a great hotel so they should rebuild it nearby somewhere that it fits in better. Once construction is complete they can close down the current AOA and begin its magical transformation back into its intended original glory. Once the new location is complete, the old art of animation buildings will close one by one as the final check outs take place.

”I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past”

-Walt Disney