Disney needs to make a Descendants movie staring Audrey as the hero.

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In the movie Descendants 3, the bad guy is Audrey, the daughter of sleeping beauty. Throughout the franchise Audrey is put down and embarrassed almost constantly. Mal, the main character, steals Audrey’s boyfriend, Ben, right out from under her even though they were in a fairly good relationship. Along with the boyfriend, Mal steals Audrey’s future that had been planned her whole life. Now before you say to yourself that maybe Audrey didn’t want to do everything that was planned for her, realize that she actually did. She loved her life and was an amazing princess. Audrey is a natural born ruler. Not only does her heritage prove this but also her support of bens weird plans, her firmness in her beliefs and her love for her people. In Descendants 3 she finally snaps and decides to take her life back and carve her own path. When Mal did this everyone was happy for her and supported her, but when Audrey did this, she was labeled the bad guy. All because she was hurt that everything she had was stolen out from under her. This is completely unfair and the only way to fix this awful representation of powerful women is to give Audrey her own movie where she is the hero. Because she wants what she deserves, and frankly, she should have it too.