Disney: Make a Zootopia TV Series

Disney: Make a Zootopia TV Series

16 September 2016
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Why this petition matters

Started by N A

The potential of making a Zootopia TV series

Disney has created a phenomenal movie called Zootopia! with a world that has so much potential but yet... Disney isn't really doing anything or using it as an opportunity to create a bright future for the Zootopia franchise.

The potential of having TV series for Disney could introduce:

  • New characters
  • New locations
  • New species
  • More Nick and Judy!
  • Growing the Zootopia fanbase
  • More clever humor!
  • New stories
  • More Merchandise! (Not too much though like what happened with Frozen)

If this happens, this could span more fans for the franchise and maybe could even bring the potential for more Disney theme park attractions and maybe spawn a sequel!

What I think the show should be like?

I believe that the show's episodes should be around 10-20 minutes long and should be 3D animated to fit with the movie but this shouldn't affect the quality and look of the show. eg; the fur, character designs, etc. (Sorry if I seem too specific and i understand it'll be hard to replicate the beautiful 3D animation for a TV Series, If they make it 2D. I'm fine with that) The show could be parodying crime shows/police procedural shows like CSI, The X-Files, etc. But still, retain the clever humor from the film and great storytelling. The show can be for kids, but the show should be able to be watched by everyone (Teens and Adults. Again, like what the film had) and not focused just on kids. 

Why I started this petition

When I first watched Zootopia, I loved it! When I left the theater, I was happy and sad. I was happy to have watched the film with its characters, story, locations, etc. And now I'm a big fan but I was sad because there was so much potential just left there and I also felt that after I bought and read the Art of Zootopia book. But now, we can start to give the franchise a brighter future!

Our goal is to reach 30,000 signatures if we can accomplish that. Disney will notice that we believe in a brighter future for the franchise! I know it's very early but if we can do this, This could give Disney more confidence (Not saying Disney doesn't have any confidence) that a TV series could work and help the Zootopia franchise expand and grow. 

And you guys can make it possible :)

Petition Closed

This petition had 1,125 supporters

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