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Create an Inside Out TV Series

Inside Out is a feature-length Pixar Animation about a girl named Riley who is born in Minnesota; Within her mind, five manifestations of her emotions come to life: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger... These emotions live in Riley's conscious mind, where they influence her actions and memories via a control console, creating new memories (housed in coloured orbs) which are sent into storage at the end of every waking period. Inside Out grossed $90.4 million during it's opening weekend (the highest opening for an original title since Avatar grossed $77 million in December 2009), and finished in cinemas with a total gross of $856.8 million (roughly 4.9x it's budget of $175 million). During it's time airing in cinemas, it beat the total gross from 87.5% of Pixar's Collection, with the other 12.5% comprising of Finding Nemo ($936.7 million), and Toy Story 3 ($1.06 billion). Inside Out is designed with such a vibrant style and believable setting, which could be perfect as a Disney Channel Series, with a focus on helping both pre-teens and teens cope with emotions and problems in everyday life, without losing the style or setting the film had. Please sign this petition, and help convince The Walt Disney Company and Pixar into making this a reality.
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