Convince Disney The 7D should have a third season!

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Ashley Watland
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It has recently been announced that the Disney XD animated series, The 7D, has been cancelled and will end September 2016. Its second season, which is currently being aired, was reduced down to 20 episodes as opposed to the 39 the season had originally been approved for. The production crew had at least 19 more stories they were looking forward to sharing with fans that Disney has decided to withhold from us.

Our goal is to convince Disney these cut 19 episodes should be completed as needed and aired as either an extension of Season 2 or separately as a third season, as well as allow the production crew to create a proper series finale. Though the cast and crew have already gone through the process of wrapping things up, they don't want the series to end any more than the fans do and are willing to return in order to continue work on the show and bring the rest of their ideas to life.

It's one thing when a series comes to a conclusion. It's another entirely for one to be prematurely ended when the creators behind it still have stories to tell. The 7D means a lot to many people. This show--with it's endearing characters, lighthearted adventures, catchy music, and overall cheerful disposition--has brought immeasurable joy to its fans. For many, this quirky little show is our crutch; It's the thing we turn to in order to forget about our worries for awhile. A show that has managed to touch the lives of so many in this fashion deserves a proper ending.

Please don't let this September be the final time the Bing Bong Bell chimes.