Cheetah Girls Reboot

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The Cheetah Girls series is an all time classic favorite for Disney channel watchers WORLD WIDE. 

Shows like boys meets world, got a spin-off show (girls meets world), and That’s so raven also has a spin-off  (now Raven’s home). It would only be complete with a cheetah girls REBOOT! 

Most importantly, The cheetah girls is and was an iconic movie that gave young girls and women a sense of empowerment. The group had various family backgrounds, ethnicities, body types, and skin colors that showed young girls and children alike, that it’s ok to be different and you are not alone. It depicted real life situations that many young people and teens go through on a daily basis, as well as the struggles faced with friends, life, love, and opportunity. 

“Amigas, cheetahs, friends for life”, “Cheetah girls, Cheetah sisters!” are statements that truly made an impact on young girls (who are now young adults) worldwide. The cultural diversity of the group speaks volumes and broke race barriers and stereotypes. The characters were African-American, White and Hispanic, and Hispanic. 

The best thing is that Disney has made this movie viewing possible to the next generation through disney channel on demand, and their occasional throwback movies air-times. Though only a movie, The cheetah girls impact and message continues to live on and spread to inspire thousands of people.

The filming of the cheetah girls taking place in Barcelona, Spain, and the very last movie, in India, gave viewers a taste of even more culture, and brought knowledge about these cultures to the T.V. Screen. 

Please join me on this petition and lets come together to bring back this ALL TIME adored movie that positively impacted so many people.