Call for Disney to Create a "Princess and the Frog" Animated Series

Call for Disney to Create a "Princess and the Frog" Animated Series

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Taran Trinnaman
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Since 1985, the Disney Television Animation branch of the Walt Disney Company has produced & distributed over 81 animated television series around the globe into the homes of millions of viewers.  In this time span, out of the 15 television series to be based on a Disney animated feature film, only three have been based on a movie featuring a Disney princess: "The Little Mermaid" in 1992-94, "Aladdin" from 1994-1996, and "Tangled: The Series" from 2017-2020. That means from 1996 when "Aladdin" finished airing till now, there has not been a single animated TV series devoted to a prince and princess of color. And with the ending of "The Proud Family" in 2005 and "Emperor's New School" in 2008, the only current Disney animated TV series that boasts a multiracial range of main and supporting characters in a diverse setting is "Big Hero Six: The Series", which only began airing in 2017. 

That is unacceptable. 

With the recent announcements for "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" revival series and the retheming of Splash Mountain into The Princess and the Frog, we call upon The Walt Disney Company to correct this issue of underrepresentation by creating a brand new "Princess and the Frog" television series. We ask that this new series focuses on the experiences of Naveen and Tiana as Black human beings and their adventures in New Orleans with Tiana's Place and more magical adventures.  We ask also for this new TV series to explore the history and cultures within the African diaspora and African American history, especially characters like Anansi the Spider, and other figures from the diverse mythology, legends, and folklore of the African diaspora. In addition to bringing back the original cast, we also call for the inclusion of creators of color in every level of production, especially in the writing room, and in the creation of more original characters of colors to inhabit this wider world.

Creating this series with the first African American Princess and Prince will not only inspire millions of Black children across the globe- especially giving Naveen a platform to be a good role model for Black boys and preteens, but it will also create more job opportunities for creators of color within the entertainment industry, increase the production of a wide range of merchandise for guests of all ages to have, as well as bringing more mainstream exposure on Black culture and history to families who normally won't receive that exposure in other ways. And through using episodes that touch on the topics of colonialism, racism, and other strong subjects like other Disney original animated TV series such as "Gargoyles" and "The Proud Family" did, this TV series could also continue the necessary conversations needed around the globe between viewers.