Bring Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) to Disney+

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Lisa Clingan
Apr 2, 2021
Commander Pyre @major_namada Mar 30
Henry McConnell (#WearAMask) Mar 31 Replying to @DisneyTVANews
Of these, the ones I want the Marvel cartoons and the House of Mouse reboot.nali! Heart @ednali_love Mar 31 Replying to @toonfully you remember when we thought disney was hyping up announcing a house of mouse reboot but it was just an announcement for the new club mickey mouse group that lastest like,,,, 3 months or something idk what even happened to them JordanDrawings #SupportRiseoftheTMNT Mar 31 Please.. please tell me this is real, I will lose my mind over the fact we could get a House of Mouse reboot!! (I mean, we know we’re getting Darkwing Duck reboot, the Big City Greens movie, and the Proud Family reboot.. so some things here are real)..

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Lisa Clingan
Mar 26, 2021
Summer or July 2021 on twitter I hope they will come back on tv show and no joking about 20th anniversary to you guys of the House of Mouse from the tv show itself January 13, 2001 to January 13 2021 to so please ok bye

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Allison Skylar
Mar 17, 2021
hi everyone I want to sign this Too and I hadn't see the show in forever so here is My top ? Characters I Want To should See the Characters appear In House Of Mouse from the Controversy Meme so here we go the first on my list and my idea is Star wars episode 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and and sequel and prequel and the clone wars and the rebels and mandalorian and CGI and others TV shows and others movies and special and live action in their cartoon form and others Canon and others comic books and others books and others real life fanfiction and no jokes please in again in their cartoon form and etc characters only I'm sorry but no Star wars episode 7 and 8 and 9 aloud I can't stand what Kathleen Kennedy had Done to the characters and make ray a Mary sue and the other girls look good and the guys look bad? Really come on stop making the girls look good it's is stupid and make the original characters look awesome again I want to see that happening I like the original characters better than the new characters that you idiots have done I don't like it just please for once get the original characters the love and respect they deserved that's the reason the Star wars original characters are way better and need to be deserved to be in the House of Mouse please make it happen

And All Disney channel and XD and Jr Walt Disney
Television and Freeform and Toon Disney and Radio Disney and Playhouse Disney and Disney
Cinemagic and Sky Cinema Disney with the old and new English voice actors and Pixar and Marvel and Disney+ and Disney NOW and video game and celebrities and cartoon and live action in their cartoon form and just make live action characters it good and not make them look horrible please don't do that just make live action look awesome the characters and old and new movies and sequel and prequel and specials and canon and comic books and books and fanfiction again no jokes please just be for real and no fake please and etc to be in the House of Mouse to please make it happen

And rock and roll band like all of them in the house of mouse and also that we do like to be here like I choose ber and David Glen Eisley in mine Rock and roll Hall of Fame ideas I hopefully they will be in the house the mouse too please let it happen please

And DuckTales 2017 well get a another chance to come back in the house of mouse in the band again I hopefully this time their old and new friends and their family and April, May, and June in ladies night once I hope they got to do it again and this time they will join forces to be hopefully will be in the band too I hope that would be okay by them they had to do it and like I said it once and two times and I'll say it like my idea with Starlight glimmer and Mina and Nick from Equestria Girls and GrojBand Huey Dewey and Louie need to add members too I repeat they need to add new members need I say more again I know you guys like to stick to Huey Dewey and Louie in the House of Mouse band I get it you like to stick to the same numbers of the band members I get it that's very understandable I get it but guys you have to realize something they have to add new members to the band understand everybody you understand what I'm telling you they have to add new members to the band they had to I hope they can have an epic moment if you guys like it maybe they going to do it forever if they keep this up I said if you like it if if you guys don't like it I'll repeat if you don't like it I said if you guys would stick with three bands if you guys don't like it that's perfectly fine but this is my opinion to bring the house of mouse and DuckTales and Darkwing duck back just deal with it about my episode idea again deal with it so again and just put in the Disney channel and XD and Jr on disney networks tv and no on disney plus just on disney networks please do it for Disney fans and us to so please ok bye Kathleen Kennedy PRAISED by Disney CEO! The savior of Star Wars! Could care less about Gina Carano! The CEO of Disney shares how he feels about Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy, and it should concern you! Also, this comes a month after the firing of The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano! Star Wars will never return to it's former glory. Mr chapek listen up and you better listen Good if you seen this I said if you would because you won't you too busy to let out our franchises to die and your Disney company with it you better listen Good you need to fire her and face your guys consequences for you guys actions if you don't I said if you don't then you only one that need to be fired too if you don't fire her stop calling her you're precious treasure that's pathetic and stupid now you're being pathetic like her it's not even funny if he's still alive I said if he's still alive if what would Mr Disney well say about this situation and then Mr Disney well have to fire you morons and banned you guys and never come back to Disney ever again ever and your nightmares had to come true the bankruptcy is coming soon if you guys don't turn things around soon if you guys keep this up you better not let katherine Kennedy renewed her contract you better not do it you poop or we will losing our favorite characters will we grow up with forever and let the new pathetic characters we're staying the franchise and drive everybody crazy forever if you guys keep this up I hate you for that now I hate you I really do and don't you get me started on your hateful nonsense just stop having her around and just fire her ready or the bankruptcy will come if you keep this up please just fire her ready please or the new president have to do something about your fail mistakes just fire her ready or you will be fired and get the job to somebody else who love the characters and cast and crews and innocent people and the fans and and love them who they are no more identity politics no more racism nonsense no more Mary Sue's characters and use flaws and weakness and being themselves and be who they really are and what they love to do not pretend somebody and they are not and they can't do exactly what they say for no and stupidity reason and they fire Gina Carano they can't do too her for no reason Kathy Kennedy only one who should apologize to Gina not Gina who should apologize to Kevin Kennedy of what she did it was wrong it was her who should be apologized not Gina Carano that's stupid they can't fired her like this she should only Wonder who should be fired again not Gina I can't stand a woman who really can't stand us Kathleen shut up and leave everybody alone and the fans alone and a franchise alone back off I'm going to standing up for the innocent will you like it or not deal with the woman deal with that just shut up and leave everything alone shut up and you only one who should keep the mouth shut and do exactly what the innocent people of what they tell you you can't tell them what to do for no reason you can't fretting them to do what you want we the good guys you can't tell us what to do or love the stupid movie and what you guys have done you can't tell us what we can or cannot what are we like or we dislike again you can't do that that was the wrong thing to do and wrong thing for you to say that that's stupid and lame you only one who should apologize and should be fired this instant and we're not going to see you again but do you know where we see you at being bars in jail and then we're only one who get the last laugh at your stupid face just shut up and bring up the original characters back and get rid of the new characters did you guys ever done and get rid of Rey Mary sue nonsense for Good and give her the actual challenge and punishment and she deserved she need to serve to be punished after everything she had done she's not the next Anakin or Luke or even the innocent characters she's not part of she need to serve to lose and let see how she likes it and then the good guys we'll have the last laugh on her and I'll be laughing her face too and she no longer a Mary sue and then she will face her punishment for her actions all I like to see this I really hate you guys for this situation of you guys ever done for God sake fire hard or the bankruptcy will come if you guys don't turn things around or just get the franchise back to George Lucas and then he will show you how it's done this is going to be stupid thing you guys ever done to still have her around everyone's not going to be happy and what you guys have done again they're not going to be happy about this and I won't either I totally agree with the innocent here of what you guys have done again I totally agree with them you can't with disagree with an innocent people here and I'm happy to keep disliking your stupid video of you guys just post and I have to agree with them of what you idiots have done just fire her or you only one who will get fired if you don't turn things around if you will be fired then you'll be fired with her or you will be bye-bye forever and bye-bye Disney forever if you keep messing up bye-bye Disney forever see you let the door hit you on the way out sayonara estadista baby okay bye Gina Carano is the face of women's MMA paving the way for Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, which launched her into a successful Hollywood action star career, most recently as a series regular in the hit show “The Mandalorian” Gina was politically outspoken in 2020 which caused the hashtag “FireGinaCarano” to trend repeatedly and last week Disney did just that. She has been removed from “The Mandalorian”, she has been dropped by her talent agency, as well as by the rest of the team representing her. She joins us today to walk through the tumultuous relationship with her employers at Disney over the last year. Plus, why Gina was convinced she couldn’t buckle under the pressures of being cancelled and details on Gina’s feature film being produced with The Daily Wire Become a Daily Wire member with coupon code GINA for 25% off and watch the bonus questions! After the success of Jon Favreau's Iron Man (2008), production quickly began on a sequel. During pre-production, actor Terrence Howard (who played James Rhodes, AKA War Machine) dropped out of the film do to contract disagreements. This left to an urgent need for Favreau to recast the character. The man who stepped up to fill the role Don Cheadle Today, Favreau is the showrunner for The Mandalorian on Disney+. With the news of Gina Carano being fired from the role of Cara Dune, Jon Favreau faces the same problem he did over a decade ago. The solution here is obvious: bring in the expert. Don Cheadle has already proven to the world that he can not only pick up where another actor left off, but elevate a character to a place we haven't seen before. Cara Dune is an interesting, open-ended character that many Star Wars fans have come to enjoy on screen. There are still endless opportunities to tell a story with this character, and it would be a shame to let the character disappear because of the actions of one actress Recast Lana Parilla as Cara Dune in the Mandalorian The continuity of the Mandalorian series will be virtually uninterrupted by the recasting of Lana Parrilla as Cara Dune due to her close physical likeness to Gina Carano Lana Parrilla To Replace Gina Carano As Cara Dune In The Mandalorian Ryan Marquez started this petition to Walt Disney
Gina Carano has been fired by Lucasfilm after months of controversial and dangerous rhetoric. However, it has left fan favorite character Cara Dune in empty hands for The Mandalorian Season 3 and Rangers of the New RepublicThere has been growing support to recast Cara Dune with Lana Parrilla, one of the lead’s in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” She’s no stranger to Disney, and could be the perfect addition to the cast in a galaxy not so far away Mandalorian Should Replace Gina Carano with Chris Cyborg Anthony Croasdale started this petition to Walt Disney Disney please rub salt in the wound of this conspircy theory addled lunkhead by replacing her with the woman who ended her MMA career, Chris Cyborg. Cyborg seems like a wonderful person. I could't find anything terrible on her Twitter. Keep Gina Carano "Fired Elijah LoPinto started this petition to Walt Disney
Recent tweets by actress and former MMA star Gina Carano have created controversy and to some outrage Because of this Disney decided to not work with Gina Carano in the future She was not fired as she only ever appeared as a guest star but because of her statements Disney chose to not include her in the future Despite this there are now other petitions seeking Disney to "rehire" her. To show that there are just as many or more people who are happy Disney chose to no longer work with this controversial person I created this petition to keep Gina Carano "fired" and ask Disney to no longer work with her in any capacity the future? This is lame just quit it will you please leave her alone ok and will she is awesome for you I respecting you Gina Carano well I barely even know you but I admit it I like you already I like you but that's awesome but you just did that was awesome I'm sure that would teach those idiots a lesson not to mess with you so again good for you teach her and Lucas film and sjw a lesson if you guys sure did sue them like you're supposed to none of this whatever happened why you're guilty people can't leaf the innocent alone I am so mad and what's your did two the innocent people why just can't go to jail and leave us alone your scumbags hey Joe if you seen this tell these idiots to leave the innocent people alone and to banned Kathleen Kennedy from lucasfilm and never come back and face her consequences for her action she promised George Lucas to take care of these characters like she said but she lied she did the opposite and what she set off to do please help us to fire and too banned kathleen kennedy and never come back to Lucasfilm from again please Joe and Gina Carano we need your help they need to be in jail and stop accusing innocent people and why we don't like these films in the first place please help us to fire this woman and then bye-bye then lucasfilm we'll be safe and also as Star wars be safe too please stop this madsss okay bye

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Keaton Bennington
Jan 29, 2021
A giant part of my childhood love for star wars! Cannot be allowed to just fade away! I hold it very dear to my love for the star wars universe!