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Bring Girl Meets World Back

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Girl Meets World is a continuation of the timeless 90’s series Boy Meets World. It features all of the classic characters that everyone has come to know and love, while not only relying on nostalgia but continuing their story and developing them as characters. Not only does it feature veterans from the original show, but also a new group of young actors, who bring life and diversity to the Boy Meets World universe. The show is also extremely successful as a traditional sitcom, teaching good values in a humorous way. 

But what separates Girl Meets World from other family sitcoms is its risk taking in terms of what issues to tackle. Be it socioeconomic differences, religion, and growing old. Girl Meets World doesn’t necessarily take sides on these issues, but it educates viewers on how the effect the characters.  It also gives kids someone to connect with.  Most kids don't have the typical, "normal life."  By giving each character specific problems, like Maya and her parental issues, kids see that they aren't alone.  They talk about real issues that everyone goes through in a way that doesn't force it down your throat.

Girl Meets World is a terrific show that deserves another chance, and if Disney can't give it that, then Netflix could.  With shows like Fuller House or the last season of Arrested Development, Netflix has proven they are capable of making really good spinoffs.  Also, the majority of people who watch tv, do so online.  So, Netflix picking up the show isn't too unfathomable of an idea.

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