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Continue the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline

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"It was as if thousands of voices suddenly cried out and were silenced by disney"-Star Wars Expanded Universe fans


The Star Wars expanded Universe contains hundreds of books and comics was all considered canon until April 25th, 2014. We want the stories back that we all know and love and we want those stories to be continued. We will not stop until our voices are heard.

In 1991 Heir To The Empire was released and marked the start of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This rekindled the fandom and helped it to grow bigger than anyone could imagine. Hundreds of book, comics and games have been released since, making up 30 years of Star Wars history.

Last year it was announced that the Expanded Universe would be rebranded as Legends and was deemed non-canon. No more books would be published in this brand, instead a new canon of books is to be produced, ignoring most of the existing material. This has left many stories unfinished and in limbo, such as the Sword of the Jedi triology and the Legacy line of comics. The EU gave fans many popular characters and planets that will be likely disregarded.

This petition is to encourage Lucas Story Group to consider continuing and producing things for the Legends brand alongside the new material, regardless of canonicity.

For a sense of what was lost:

The following have died: Revan, Bastila Shan, Republic Commandos, Kyle Katarn, Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, Jacen and Jaina Solo, The marriages of Han & Leia, Luke and Mara Jade, the swarm war, the bacta truce, rogue squadron, the ruusan reformation, darth bane and zannah, Sith Lords Sion, the re-birth of the Jedi Order, Admiral Daala, Tenel Djo, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Exar Kun, mandalorian wars, jedi civil war, 

and much more....over 17,000 characters no longer exist.


"It was as if thousands of voices suddenly cried out and were silenced  by disney"-Star Wars Expanded Universe fans





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