Bring back the Spectrobes franchise

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The members of the New Spectrobes Amino have resolved to call out to Disney and request another game in the Spectrobes franchise. Spectrobes was a trilogy of games released between 2007 and 2009, headed by Kentaro Hisai, developed by Jupiter, and published by the (now defunct) Buena Vista Games/Disney Interactive Studios. It saw fair reviews and shipped just under 1.5 million copies throughout its run.

In an interview with RPGFan during E3 2009, series creator Kentaro Hisai stated the following:
"I have lots of ideas and places I'd like to take the franchise. We have plenty of material for future games. What we'll do now, as we've done in the past, is wait until this new game gets into players' hands and receive feedback. As we hear back from the fans about what they've enjoyed and where they'd like to see the franchise go in the future, we'll mix those ideas with the ones our staff have already come up with."

However, we have heard nothing on the franchise since 2009, whether it be from Disney, any of the previous games' developers, or Hisai-san himself. This almost 9 years of silence makes no sense, since the franchise was very promising with its ideas and gameplay. We are asking Disney (or their games subsidiary, Disney Interactive), to publish a new game within the Spectrobes franchise after this nine year gap; or, at the very least, explain why a new Spectrobes game hasn't been made for so long.