Bring back the old Club Penguin, Disney

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On January 30th 2017, it was announced that on March 29th Club Penguin would shut down, and the servers later closed at 12:01am on March 30th. It was closed down by Disney Interactive Studios who had owned New Horizon Interactive since 2007. For those who may not have known, Club Penguin was an MMO which released on the 24th October 2005 and had over 250,000,000 players as of 2014. That's as many people as there are in Indonesia and almost as many as the whole of the United States of America! It was a humble game which had touched the hearts of so many people. There were many things to be enjoyed in Club Penguin; stamp collecting, mini-games, taking care of pet puffles and so much more. If you had played the game for any significant amount of time, you too will understand how heartbreaking it is that it was shut down. It's successor, Club Penguin Island, is a poor attempt at a money grab on Disney's behalf. I attempted to play the game myself, to see if it was worth my time. I played 3 minutes of the game before it asked me to pay. After the initial 3 minutes of the game, you can either pay to continue playing or you stop playing. Disney could have easily made a much larger profit from Club Penguin had they have taken it down the right path. Video game development is clearly not one of their strong suits. That is why I ask that anyone who reads this sends it on to any number of friends and family so that they too can have their say and help potentially bring back Cub Penguin.The goal of this petition is to reach 1,000,000 signatures by October 24th 2019 (14 years after the initial release)

Thank you for taking the time to read this,                                                        ~Waddle On

P.S Thank you to teams like Club Penguin Rewritten and Pengur for helping keep the dream alive.

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