Bring Back James Gunn for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3.

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James Gunn the visionary behind Guardians of the Galaxy and GotG Vol2. was fired from Disney over tweets from 2009. 10 years ago before he was working with Disney or Marvel one man (James Gunn) made some mistakes. Who hasn't said something in poor taste anyways? James Gunn and the cast of Guardians helped to make a modern space classic that has brought so many people together. Who didn't weep at "We Are Groot" and how many hours have fans labored over the movie in search of Gunn's Ready Player One level Easter Eggs in both of his Marvel outings? Gunn messed up and even apologized for this back in 2012 (still before the first Guardians dropped) but political saboteurs soured by Gunn's disdain for the current "regime" dug through years of tweets to frame up a representation of Gunn that from every angle seems false. If anyone truly believes James Gunn tweeted those thoughts with actual conviction and not slapstick sarcasm driven by saying something controversial please come talk to me. I may be ONE fan but WE ARE GROOT!!!!


I am asking that Disney consider reversing their removal of Gunn from future projects. He has been such a genuinely positive influence on our society that we cannot let this injustice stand. Gunn messed up and before most of you knew his name he apologized. Let the past remain in the past.