Bring back James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3!

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James Gunn posted some insensitive and offensive tweets a long time ago that were satirical and not in any way reflective of his actual views. They resurfaced recently and have caused him to be fired from Guardians Vol 3. He has since released a statement and apologized for his insensitive words from roughly a decade ago and made it clear that he's no longer in that headspace. His response alone demonstrates just how professional and respectful he is as a person.

James is the heart and soul of these movies and they would not be what they are without him. He's arguably the most passionate and dedicated writer and director that Marvel Studios has working for them. He deserves to be able to complete this trilogy of the current Guardians team that he has brought to life. He has already completed the script and should be allowed to direct it. I understand why Disney made the decision they did, but in the end it was just to cover their own asses from something they should've addressed years ago if it was going to be a problem for them. While it's unlikely that they will change their minds, anyone and everyone that is outraged and upset by their decision to fire James Gunn should speak up now and make it known how many of us love and support him, and need to see him complete his vision for this Guardians trilogy. I ask Disney to please reconsider their decision.