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I recently learned that the new Beauty and the Beast movie will feature a gay character. To say I was very disappointed is an understatement. I don't believe a movie aimed at a childrens audience is any place for this. I am not a 'homophobe', I believe in equal rights for everyone and treating everyone with respect. But I feel very strongly that a gay character is totally unnecessary in a childrens movie. 

As a child, I grew up loving disney movies and books, fairy tales that spurred the imagination. I know that my parents could trust in the innocent nature of the things I was exposed to through disney books and movies. Now as a mother and aunt, I know that I cannot do the same. 

I cannot see a single point or benefit of adding a gay character into a childrens movie. I don't believe that it would make any difference to the plot or improve the quality of the movie in any way. I understand that being gay and transgender is widely accepted as part of the main stream culture of today. However these issues should not be something children are exposed to while their so impressionable. Children have the right to be children. Give them a chance to grow and develop their own values and opinions before shoving these adult themes down their throats. They should be able to watch a childrens movie about subjects that relate to childhood. Why couldn't Lafou have been a bully? 

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I would like you to consider how far we've come in just a few years with these issues. It started with two girls kissing on an adult sitcom at a time that swear words were almost unheard of on TV. Now there are commercials, afternoon shows and even the News with absolutely no discretion. Where and when does it stop?  

This is a childrens movie company, it is not their place to influence what our children grow up viewing as the 'norm'. It is our jobs as their parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents to protect them and let them be children.

Going forward, I will be deleting all of my accounts associated with Disney. Any chance that I would ever take my children to Disney land or any theme parks associated with Disney has vanished. I will be boycotting all future films and books that come from Disney.




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