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Let FANS remake STAR WARS 7 and 8

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Star Wars 8 is the end of Star Wars History: Dream, Mythology, Force, Education, Genius, Politics, Hope and Hero are nothing.

Weakness and Empty triumph against all. 

But what is the problem of that Time if not learning something high by movies. It allows to go beyond ourself, to think about principles above us, to live with good landmaks, to learn what you don't know about the others and society. This is Hollywood power.

Why taking patience, suffering during long training, learning all your life to become somebody strong and smart, like jedis in our example, if Rey can beat anybody without any training or experience of Force. 

A fan paying 2, 5, 7 times or more a ticket to watch Star Wars at cinema. It gives him right to be happy when he goes out. Right?

So let us remake our own Star Wars fanfilms 7, 8 and 9 to make all fans happy and to not create disapointment and sadness as Rian's movie.

Fans just created real great movies with Hoshino, Darth Maul: Apprentice or Harry Potter Voldemort for example.


SW8 is a bad movie, it's just made by junior amateur 'director'. And SW7 is a Mickey's movie made by a great director. What a mess.

Disney and Lucasfilm, you can continue to play with YOUR 'Star Wars' but give us the right to dream with our own STAR WARS and don't sue any fan who wants to do it please. 

Thank you for understanding

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