American Dragon: Jake Long season 3

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Sanan Hasanov
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I've read a fan-made story about what could happen in the 3rd season and I loved it. I saw a spark between Jake and Rose and I thought that the creators could expand their relationship.

Does Rose's parents know about Jake being a dragon and will she be going back to New York City? What happens when they're going to their high school? I'd love to see Rose helping Jake with his night and day job protecting the magical world. I also want to see Rotwood with his new schemes trying to expose Jake to the world. Or will he also help Jake protect the magical world?

And what about Chang and Bananas B? will they try to bring back the Dark Dragon? or are they going into hiding for good? Have we heard the last of #88 and #89 or are they going to find resources to bring back the Hunts Clan or not?