Allow this grieving dad his rights that Disney refuses to give.

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Disney recently did something awful, and someone needs to stand up for this dad, because in my opinion, Disney is very wrong in their decision. 

Last December, 4 year old Ollie Jones died of a rare genetic disorder called leukodystrophy, and after a funeral themed after his favorite character, Spider-Man, his father Lloyd Jones requested a gravestone with the character etched into it, Spider-Man was the young boy’s whole world according to dad, upon asking he was told to contact the copyright owners. When he did this he was told no, for the reason of preserving Spider-Man’s “innocence” and “magic”. Lloyd Jones responded to this in saying,“I really wasn’t expecting this – it’s another massive blow. I felt sure they would allow it.” I agree with him, I would’ve thought they would approve it, as the company Walt Disney himself had in mind wasn’t one that just cares about money and reputation. Personally I feel this just goes to show how Disney today isn’t really the company Walt Disney wanted it to be. I say allow Lloyd Jones his rights, for the sake of his son’s life lost too soon.