alasya pierce in toy story 4 and her own series/movie

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i want alasya pierce as a toy and as a spy to help woody and buzz to find bo peep and so she can have a show and movie with buzz lightyear in it alasya has the same space suit but its black she has team mates name alice(hair powerful,human skin,blond curly hair but in pony tail when a hair powerful is nearby,blue eyes) ally(sunlight,weather control with hair,human skin,brown hair(bright yellow when powers is use)blue eyes) penny(unknown,magical,make wishes come true,human skin,blue eyes) alasya is a powerful(all powers to imagine and sometimes 2 at a time) and has orange hair and blue skin and blue eyes she is a powerful and her powers deactivates if a hair powerful is nearby and was princess of the galaxy after marrying buzz and buzz became half powerful and half prince so buzz also have powers like alasya and they both have gems but for the rest example ally and alice have gems in their hair to activate their powers warp darkmatter(alasyas twin brother) morgan(blond hair,alasyas sister) dan(the evil powerful as in alasya's nemesis)

she really met buzz at 2 since the junior ranger but there was a spy version she was in while buzz was at the normal one the begin to date when they like 13 and she lucky to have a star cruiser 42 like buzz because they both want to work together sometimes

this cares so much for me and hope people will care