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Mission statement
Voice for the Caribbean was inspired on Sunday morning on the 5/2/17 at about 3.30 am. I was in bed watching a YouTube video hosted by Rawpa Crawpa and the subject matter was of a 15 year old girl found dead in Jamaica, as I continued watching the tears came running down my eyes along with feelings of great anger.

I was overwhelmed with what I was listening to, the amount of young children being raped, molested, stabbed, chopped up, dumped in rivers, burned, and other things i can’t even Imagine is so sad. It’s the start of the year and it’s now February 2017, almost 6 weeks in to the year, and it’s over 10 cases of rape and murder of beautiful young Jamaican boys and girls and women.

What’s strange and very upsetting is that it seems like nothing is being done about the situation in Jamaica, and I’m wondering is there a proper investigation going on, has anyone been arrested, has there been a strong statement from the police, and what is the government doing, I just don’t know. People in Jamaica are scared and frightened, and the people that know something feel the same way because of the consequences of being found out as being a so called an informer, this is absolutely crazy and the situation must change, I’m deeply hurt by what is going on and we must come together and help our people, take action make a stand march, protest, petition, write letters to the Jamaican MP, we need something to be done now, because this vile rape and killing of children and women is happening too much and people know who is doing this.

Jamaicans in England, America, Canada, etc, are now reluctant and afraid to go to Jamaica with their children. We have to come together, we have to organise, we have to let the right people know, we have to let the right authority’s know we care and something must be done now. VOICE FOR THE CARIBBEAN
Is a simple vision, it’s aimed is for like mined people to link and come up with ideas, and concepts via discussion’s, and then to take action as a group collective and make the right authority’s in the Jamaican government do something. So please let’s come together and try to put a stop to this madness happening to our children and women in our beautiful Island Jamaica.

Peace, Love and Harmony.
Yvonne Haslam.

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