The Vision and the Scarlet Witch film

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Based on interviews and articles, they have said that the Vision and the Scarlet Witch will return. Also based on interviews, it sounded like both of them will have a happy ending in Avengers 4. But what will the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe be like for them?

Marvel makes movies such as Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, etc. Not to hate, they're great characters, but starring a film about the two most powerful and the most popular iconic comic book couple that fans have known for decades; The Vision and Scarlet Witch. Marvel says they will include LGBT+ characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Vision and Scarlet Witch's children could be the key to spreading awareness and kindness for that community and their families. Not only can this movie be for comic book fans, but to parents who know the struggle of raising kids who are a part of that lifestyle, and also the comic book kids have powers so that is a struggle as well that must be acknowledged in this movie. The hero's children doesn't have to be teenagers in the film; they can simply be babies. The parents (movie watchers) can laugh and understand what they had to deal with when their children were babies. The dads will nod their heads every time Vision has changed his children's diapers wrong; they'll be thinking, "Yep. That was me." Even mother audiences could relate to Wanda as well, despite the fact that children shows proper behavior towards the mothers.

If they happen not to have any children in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their solo movie could be a success still. The movie could be about struggles in their relationship; not necessarily struggles between themselves, but struggles resulting in outside forces.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, a.k.a Vision and Scarlet Witch, respectively, are already interested to be part of that kind of movie; and Takia Waititi, a.k.a director of Thor: Ragnarok, mentioned that he wants to be part of that as well, such as directing it. Disney and Marvel doesn't need to struggle on finding the leads and director, since they agree on it. Maybe only struggle will be finding the roles of the villains. Also finding actors to play Vision and Wanda's next-door neighbors; Glamour and Illusion. Marvel has never released a film that is categorized as a romance, or even a romantic-comedy. This could be the first. 

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