Stop the Hampton Roads Savings Weekly

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Sue Loonam
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The Hampton Roads Savings Weekly is a newsprint paper coupon book distributed weekly onto lawns across Hampton Roads. In 2019, the vast majority of consumers do not use paper coupons. The Savings Weekly is tossed from car to lawn, then often directly from lawn to trash. The Virginian-Pilot boasts that 200,000 households weekly receive the Savings Weekly. That's 10,800,000 annually! That's over 10 million plastic bags being tossed onto yards and streets each year. Conservatively, assume 1% go uncollected. That means over 100,000 plastic bags are making their way into the environment. Aside from the obvious environmental impact, its just a nuisance to have to collect a soaking wet bag of paper that you don't want and can't stop. Lets stop the Hampton Roads Savings Weekly!