Let Princess Debate!

Let Princess Debate!

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Princess Blanding for Virginia started this petition to The Virginia Bar Association and

Though Princess Blanding of the Liberation Party will be on your ballot for Governor of Virginia on November 2nd, she will not be on the debate stage. 

Independent candidates can and have succeeded in holding office in the US, despite the many challenges put in place by the political duopoly.  The people of Virginia deserve to hear from every candidate on their ballot and know the Liberation Party is an option come November. Excluding Princess from participating in gubernatorial debates is simply the next step in the systemic silencing of our campaign. Without knowing Princess is running for governor, many voters will feel they are left with the “lesser of two evils“  choice. Some are scared of losing reproductive freedoms, so they sacrifice Virginia forests and waterways. Others are scared of oppressive gun restrictions, so they sacrifice social justice for their LGBT neighbors. The third choice on the ballot is the voice of the people, and it is being suppressed.

Please spread the word about Princess’ campaign so that others can learn about her bid for governor. The Virginia Bar Association is only allowing ‘significant candidates‘ to debate. A candidate who obtains enough signatures to be on the ballot is clearly "significant.” Tell them the voice of the people is significant! 

Princess has earned the right to be on the ballot now help us ensure that she has a spot on the debate stage. Let them know why you want Princess to be included in the debates!

Virginia Bar Association 
Contact Info: 804-644-0041 email: thevba@vba.org

Norfolk State University
Contact info: Javaune Adams-Gaston  757-823-8670

Appalachian School of Law

Contact:  Justice Elizabeth A. McClanahan Email: dean@asl.edu Phone: (276) 935-4349, Ext. 1283

Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Phone: 703-749-0400

AARP Virginia

www.facebook.com/aarpvirginia @AARPVa on Twitter 

WTVR Twitter @cbs6 phone 804.254.3600

Find us at Princessblanding.com and @prinblandingva 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!