Remove Stacy Terry from the Wythe County Board of Supervisors

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Stacy Terry is apart of the Wythe County Board of Supervisors, and despite his important seat in the committee, he chooses to spew anti-LGBTQ+ views towards his community, to the point where he attempts to involve it within the school system. In his latest (yes, he's had more than one) scandal, he publically published a Facebook status ignorantly stating that Christian symbolism and teachings have been lost to "anti-Christian views" such as LGBTQ+ safe spaces. He ignorantly described a sticker with the text "safe space" in Spanish as a gay pride flag, and described the GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) club as "The Gay Club." He seems to believe that 3 Christian-based clubs (yes, 3!) are not enough for the school, and insist that the school takes more action into encouraging Christianity. He also claims that sexualities and gender identities are lifestyles (they are not; people are born who they are) and that Christianity is not (it is a religion, not a lifestyle). He says in this post that this is the collapse of humanity, implying that safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youths, who face the highest rates of suicide per year, are imposing on Christianity. He is also attempting to infringe on the separation of church and state by stating that he will have some of the budgeting go towards the encouragement of the Christian ways. He has shown is distaste for LGBTQ+ people in previous Facebook posts, one comparing Dick's to other stores refusing service to certain people. Also, he has disgustingly compared the gun ban of Virginia to the Holocaust, and the Democratic party to Hitler. No matter your federal governmental stance, you must agree the religion and politics have no place in a school of learning. However, acceptance is. All of this is proven and can be found on his Facebook page Stacy Terry.