We do not want a gas station in the Village of WestClay!

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A gas station in our residential neighborhood will ruin its appeal, generate air and soil pollution, affect the health of the nearby residents, worsen traffic in the area, possibly attract more crime, will likely bring property values down. 

The plan is to build in close proximity to the residence at Stratford and relative proximity to Primrose school, exposing some of the most vulnerable members of our community. There are also many family homes in close proximity in the Village of WestClay.

Convenience stores with gas stations are prone to fail financially. If that were to happen, it will be expensive to demolish and do a proper environmental clean up and the burden will be on the community. The gas stations also tend to promote low quality business around them. The convenience and increased tax revenue are not worth it, there are other commercial developments that are more suitable in a residential area. A convenience store without a gas station is very different than one with a gas station for instance.

All of the residents of the Village of WestClay should care about this, as it is a planned development on village grounds, next to the residential area. We did not move to this neighborhood because we wanted to buy gas next door. We appreciated the natural beauty, the walkability, bike friendly paths, well thought commercial areas. A gas station stands against all this.

Please also visit the website our neighbors have created for up to date and more in depth info, as well as next steps for action: