Safely reopen the Melbourne Photography Industry

Safely reopen the Melbourne Photography Industry

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Lauren Bamford started this petition to The Victorian State Government and

On behalf of a vast number of Melbourne’s leading photographers, videographers, stylists, assistants, digital operators, retouchers, studios, models, agents, producers and our subsequent clients - we urge you to please reopen the commercial photography industry, as planned, on October 19th 2020.

Our entire industry has been unable to work since the Stage 4 business restrictions were enforced on Wednesday 5th August, 2020.

We complied and looked forward to the easing of restrictions that had been planned for September 14th, 2020. When that date was scrapped, it created yet more confusion and anxiety, as shoots were cancelled, rescheduled, and in many cases - sent interstate to be shot by teams in Sydney.

As it stands, our calendars are currently full of bookings for jobs from October 19th onwards, which are eagerly anticipated by not just the Photographers and clients, but teams of people. Tax paying businesses and sole traders.

Based on comments by the Premier in recent days, that date is in doubt now too.

It has been 10 weeks that our industry has been unable to work, but our incomes have been severely compromised for a lot longer than that.

Many of us have recently not qualified for JobKeeper, and also not been deemed as eligible for the grants and financial support on offer, due to technicalities in the guidelines.

We feel that we are not being considered at all in the reopening of business in Metropolitan Melbourne.

With CovidSafe protocols in place, thousands of us could return to work in a safe and measured manner – we need to be permitted to do so.

Many of the individuals signing this letter have decades of experience in this industry. We are all in agreement that safety measures need to be taken, however the blanket shut down of our industry as a whole has gone on for long enough.

The 250 photographers and associated industry professionals listed below volunteered their names to be added to this letter within 20 hours of my social media call out. And more and more people are still requesting to be added. The number of impacted businesses here represents a significant part of the local economy.  

Please allow us to return to work next week. Safely.

Abigail Varney (
Ajith Abraham Aciek (Brazen Models)
Alberto Zimmerman (Photographer)
Aleira Moon (
Aleksandar Kostadinoski (
Alexandra Drewniak (
Alice Brew (
Alysha Jenkins (
Amber Clarke (Brazen Models)
Amelia Dowd (
Andrew Farquhar (
Annette O’Brien (
Annika Kafcaloudis (
Anniss + Barton (
Anthony Tosello (
Arielle Thomas (
Ashlee Pritchard (Retoucher)
Ash Koek (
Ashley Morales (
Bea Lambos (
Beck Simon (
Beckie Littler (
Ben Hosking (
Bree Leech (
Bri Hammond (
Bridget Wald (
Bronte Keating (Model)
Brooklyn Edwards (Brazen Models)
Caitlin Mills (
Caitlyn Frecklington (
Cameron Murray (
Carmel Gohar (
Carmen Zammit (
Caroline Griffiths (Cookbook Recipe Developer)
Cassie Smith (
Chantelle Elise (
Charlie Ashfield (
Chris Murray (
Clare Martin Lapworth (
Clare Richardson (
Clint Peloso (
Coco Productions (
CoParadiso (
Cory White (
Cristina Guerrero Fernandez (
Daniel Hassett (
Daniel Herrmann-Zoll (
Daniel Schache (
Daniela Velickovic (
Danny Smith (
David Leyshon (SUNSTUDIOS)
Deborah Kaloper (
Derek Swalwell (
Dian J Norton (
Eden Row (
Elaine Marshall (
Elisa Watson (
Eliza Harrison (
Eloise Hannah (Brazen Models)
Emily Bartlett (
Emily Macfarlane (Model)
Emily Walkemeyer (Interior Designer)
Emily Weaving (
Emma Christian (Cookbook Recipe Developer)
Emma Perry (
Emma Warren (Cookbook/Food Home Economist)
Francesca Laude (
Frankie Evans (Brazen Models)
Fuego Chego (
Gabrielle Beswick & Andrew Beveridge (
Gale Street Studios (
Geena Glass (
Gemma Carr (
Gena Ferguson (
Georgia Duncan (
Georgia Gold (
Glenn Hester (
Good Gravy Media (
Greg Elms (
Griffin Simm (
Hannah Caldwell (
Hannah Guyer (Photographer/Art Director)
Hannah Nowlan (
Haydn Cattach (
Hayden Dib (
Hayden Golder (
Hayley McKee (
Heather Nette King (
Henry King (
Hugh Davies (
Isabella Connelley (
Ivan Lee (
Jacinta Moore (
Jade Cantwell (
Jake Stollery (
James Miles (Producer)
James Morgan (
James Thomas Limanis (Brazen Models)
Jana Langhorst (
Jana Woodhouse (
Jason Lau (
Jenah Piwanski (
Jess Bicknell (
Jess Brohier (
Jess Kneebone (
Jess White (
Jesse Marlow (
Jesse O’Brien (
Jessica Apap (
Jessica Lillico (
Jessica Tomasino
Jessie Webb (
Jo Duck (
Jodie Hutchinson (
John Laurie (
Josh Robenstone (
Julie Haines (
Julie Provis (
Karla Majnaric (
Kate Gaskin (
Kate McWilliam (
Kate Pascoe (
Katrina Cleary (Cookbook Recipe Developer)
Katrina Douglas (Producer)
Kelli Morris (
Kim Landy (
Kirstie Gadsden (Producer)
Kloe Lee-Smith (
Lampoluce (Photography Studio)
Laura Manariti (
Laura Vaquero (
Lauren Bamford (
Lauren De Innocentis (
Lauren Hart McKinnon (Fashion Designer)
Lauren Lopatko (
Lecinda Ward (
Lee Blaylock (
Lilah Benetti (
Lilli Waters (
Lillie Thompson (
Linda Oliveri (
Lisa Cohen (
Lucas Allen (
Lynton Tapp (
Maddy McKee (
Madeleine Griffith (
Marc Lyons (Art Director)
Marcel Aucar (
Marcie Raw (
Marie-Luise Skibbe (
Marija Ivkovic (
Mark Munro (
Marsha Golemac (
Martina Gemmola (
Meagan Harding (
Meg Guthrie (
Melanie Ryan (
Meryl Batlle (
Mette Kortelainen (Photographer)
Michaela Barca (
Michelle Mackintosh (Book Designer/Author)
Michelle Tran (
Mike Baker (
Mitchell Lawless (Brazen Models)
Naomi Crisante (
Natalie James (
Natalie Jurrjens (
Natalie Turnbull (
Nathan K Davis (
Nelly Skoufatoglou (
Nicholas Wilkins (
Nick Blair (
Nicole England (
Odd Socks Society (
Off The Kerb Gallery (
Oliver Freeman (
Our Country Tale (
Pablo Diaz (Photographer)
Paige Anderson (
Paige Montana (Brazen Models)
Parker Blain (
Patricia Sofra (
Paul Philipson (
Peta Gray (
Pete Dillon (
Peter Tarasiuk (
Phillip Huynh (
Phoebe Powell (
Pier Carthew (
Poppy Garbin and Scott Gibson (
Quoc Truong (
Rachael Horan (
Rachel Castle (
Rachel Polivka (
Ragdoll Marketing (
Rebecca Newman (
Rebecca Vitartas (
Renee Coster (
Renee Le Hunt (
Rhi Taylor (
Rob Povey (
Robyn Morrison (
Rosey Karaula (Producer)
Ross Campbell (
Sally Gordon, Milieu Property (
Sam Wong (
Samantha McLaren (Adore Beauty)
Samee Lapham (
Sammy Green (
Samuel David Guy (
Sarah Jobson (
Sarah Mackie (
Sarah Pannell (
Sarah Tee (
Sarah Watson (Freelance Chef / Food Production)
Scott Newett (
Sean Fennessy (
Serena Galante (
Shannyn Higgins (
Shanthi Murugan (Adore Beauty)
Sharyn Cairns (
Shella Ruby Martin (
Shelley Horan (
Simon Browne (
Sophia Pafitis (
Sophie Reynolds (
Sophie Riva (Brazen Models)
Sophie Timothy (
Steffen Pedersen (
Stephanie Cammarano (
Stephanie Rose Wood (
Stephanie Stamatis (
Studio Ongarato (
Susan Grdunac (
Suzi Appel (
Tania Bahr-Vollrath (
Thomas Suleiman Tumaini (
Tiarna Robertson (
Tim Harris (
Tim Hillier (
Tim O’Connor (
Tina Smigielski (
Tory Price (
Trudi treble (
Vicky Withers (Fashion Designer)
Vladimir Petrovic (
Wilk (
William Watt (
XO Studios (
Zenn Design (

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!