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Our Community is being deprived of a valuable Dedicated GP who has worked closely with us, servicing our needs, but especially more importantly,  addressing those of our older family members, who are predominantly, Aging Non English Speaking Immigrants.

He is Dr Nicholas Sevdalis, and he has worked from Fairfield in Melbourne for 37 years and continues his commited dedication. After an Audit by Medicare's PSR(for the year 2012), because of his higher rates of Home Visits and Consults of 20minutes or more, he has been now continually picked on by PSR and AHPRA. They assert that he is placing the Public at Risk. Why? How? These bodies claim that they are looking out for the  Public Interests, but this is far from the truth! They have stopped him working and we cannot get even a Transient Replacement! We are in a Special Needs area, with Elderly Non English Speaking Patients, at the twilight end of their lives, who need extra attention, to be able to stay in their Own Homes, rather than be Institutionalised prematurely.

If these two "supposedly concerned groups" were interested in the Good of Our Aging Community, they would allow our GP to return to work. We, as patients are thoroughly happy with him, his work and dedication all these years! We have not complained about him! We have our Elderly Community put at risk now and we need to have our GP return to work as soon as possible.

In April 2020, the Federal Court in Qld is hearing the case of Dr Anchita Kamarkar vs HIC and PSR for the unjust process against GPs. Our Attack is being headed by the Legal Brains of Mr Julian Burnside QC and Mr David Gardner. We expect this to put an end to the bullying processes of this system and let Doctors care for their patients, rather than harrass them for having Different Statistics to what bureaucracy calls "the norm"! Why don't they assess the "Outcomes" and the "End Results" of his patient's treatments and not look simply at statistics which are skewed depending on the patient groups that a GP is managing? Isn't the Government saving alot of money when Elderly Patients are living at Home "independently" and not taking up Institutionalised Beds unecessarily?

Why can't they wait for that Federal Court outcome in April 2020?


 This "Abuse of Power" by both the PSR and AHPRA is targeted against alot of Doctors managing Minority Groups with Specialised/Different Health Needs to the usual run of the mill patients!

Will they pick on Your Doctor next?