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Thank you very much for your support.

I got very stressed out on Late Thursday afternoon when My VCAT Hearing due on the 9th October, has been requested by the Medical Board to be adjourned for 4 to 6 weeks because they can't get their barrister to attend!

But my Hearing was an "urgent" one. We had stated that over 10,000 patients were being only catered for by a Part Time Lady Doctor as she has three young kids of her own!

Hence, in my argument, l will use the Petition to highlight this again! As you are aware of, most of the patients are Elderly from a Non English Background with complex issues!

The Board "claims" to concern itself with Safety of the Community, but obviously, this is not the case!

Thank you for your support and l will keep updating you.

Sincerely and Most Appreciative,

Nick Sevdalis

Nicholas Sevdalis
2 years ago