Make learning about Aboriginal culture in Victorian schools compulsory

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The world is in the midst of a great movement for racial equality, and in Australia we are fighting for the rights of Aboriginals, the traditional owners of this land. Our schools only teach us the colonial history of how the British came and massacred Aboriginals, and how the British took over this country. Not once do they teach Aboriginal culture in a positive light, which has negatively affected our society‘s perception. It has solidified the narrative from a young age that Australian history started in 1770 when Australia was discovered by the British, and ignores the thousands of years of history before this event.
Aboriginal culture is the oldest in the world and deserves to be celebrated by Australians. 
I never learnt anything positive about Aboriginals and their amazing culture until I got to university! This is unacceptable Australia! We need to be teaching our children and teenagers about Australia’s rich history before the British Invasion. 
We are calling on The Victorian State Government, the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA), and the education minister of Victoria, James Merlino,  to implement Aboriginal culture into the curriculum from primary school through to high school.

 We, the people, want change! We want to see our children grow up learning about the oldest culture in the world and we want to celebrate it with Aboriginal people! We want true equality and true recognition of the traditional owners of this land past, present and future!