Tell the VIC Government to Make Public Transport Work for Everyone

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For 40 years Victorians with disabilities have been campaigning for equal access to public transport. But today 85% of the Melbourne tram network is still inaccessible.  
Public transport is an important means of travel for millions of Victorians. For some, it’s the only means of getting around independently. As long as our transport system fails to meet accessibility standards, Victorians with disabilities cannot fully participate in work, education and community.   
The Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport require all tram stops to be fully accessible by 2022, and all trams to be the same by 2032. There is no possible way the government can meet this deadline. The needs of people with disabilities have been neglected. 
Older trams with steps, platforms that don’t align with low-floor trams, faulty stop announcement systems and inadequate priority seating – these are issues people with disabilities have been struggling with for decades.  
This issue doesn’t just impact wheelchair users. It impacts people with mobility impairments, energy management conditions, temporary disabilities, those with situational impairments such as families travelling with prams, and many of our elders. Together these constitute over 3 million people in Victoria.  
We have waited long enough. Making public transport work for everyone must be an urgent priority in the 2021 budget. We all deserve the same rights to free movement and our community is richer and stronger when everyone can participate. 
Please sign and share this petition to show your support. Let’s keep our leaders accountable.  
It is time for the government to GET ON TRACK.