Allow Health and Fitness facilities in Victoria to re-open in Second Step!

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Since 12pm March 23rd 2020, all Health and Fitness businesses in Victoria have been closed due to Victorian Government regulations. We understand the reasoning and continue to abide by and support all regulations, however, the continued uncertainty and lack of support will unfortunately be the demise of many small businesses. We were one of the first industries to close and will more than likely be one of the last to reopen if once again we have to wait until quite literally the "last step"  before resuming any sort of customer based service. This will be too late as mounting debts and deferred payments have become far too high to even attempt to recover and we need the support and guidance of the Victorian Government to assist us through these unprecedented  times. 

Fortunately, their is a simple "evidence based" solution! Allow Health and Fitness businesses in Victoria to reopen in the Second step under strict Covid safe guidelines that have been tried and tested interstate.  A report from Fitness Australia in regards to the operation of Health and Fitness centres in NSW stated “These additional practices, that the industry is doing off their own back, are working – to prove that we’ve gathered data from across the state that shows there have been more than 6.26 million check-ins across 423 gyms since they reopened in NSW on 13 June. During that same period there have been zero cases of reported community transmission in a gym”

Please give us all the opportunity to let our businesses survive and continue to provide Victorians a safe place to boost there Physical and Mental Health.