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Organize frequent and stream-appropriate Industrial Visits

As students of engineering, we at MPSTME have never had the opportunity to couple our acquired theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of our field.
Seven years into the inaugration of this college of engineering, students are still forced to follow the rote-method of learning. There is a serious deficit of practical knowledge. For a university that aspires to be the best in its field in the next five years, this is a sorry situation.

MPSTME officially charges a fair amount of money, in the range of 8,000-10,000 rupees, towards Industrial Visits as a part of its fee structure but has hisorically seldom organised any. All visits so far have been due to the resolve of the interested party(read: Students).

We, the students of MPSTME, demand that frequent and stream-appropriate Industrial Visits, both local as well as national, be organised for not just the current crop of students, but the future students too. It is also our humble request that these Industrial Visits be integrated into the curriculum so that attendance hassles for the duration of the visit do not crop up.

We also understand the risks associated with such visits and we are willing to take full responsibility for our own actions whilst the visit is in progress.


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