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The Venus Project: A better system for living , A better way of life.

This is Important because our world hasn't got a system that is kind to all the people of the earth, It's a system that favors the strong and pray on the weak. The system that we have (MONEY,POWER,CONTROL) Resources are controlled and passed on to the highest bidders. Food is over produced, un-evenly distributed and wasted. We have people that can't work , people that work to death. people that over eat or waste food and people that starve to death. We mistreat this planet and we mistreat eachother , Were based into a world that corrupts us without us even realising. we are forced into poverty , slave labour , debt and more and we just accept it. Why?. Lets be heard let them know that we ain't having this no more look for a brighter future. If you don't know about The Venus Project the best video to watch would be (Paradise or Oblivion - The Venus Project) on youtube. This would explain our current situation almost to a full and explain the venus project and it's whole system to better the world and make it a even , fair world . No1 would starve food would be distrubuted fairly why produce enough food to feed 17billion and only feed 5 out of the nearly 8billion we have on this planet when we could produce enough waste little and help everyone evenly. Give eveyone a fair chance at life and filling there full potential. The Venus Project is a System that aims to restructure society through worldwide utilization of a theoretical design that he calls a resource-based economy. Those ideas use a version of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation with a global socio-economic system based on social cooperation and scientific methodology. The term resource-based economy is applied by the Venus Project to a hypothetical economic system in which goods, services and information are free. Please help understand our current situation and a better system that we could put in place to run a fair society for everyone. Please sign and share this petition with your friends and family as this is for everyones future and No1 should be left out from knowing this information.

Letter to
Jacque Fresco The Venus Project
Government. Prime minster David Cameron
Please understand the world's current situation and start working with The Venus Project in moving towards a much better system for a better future. The money system started from nothing, trading started from nothing everything that we have in the world came from or was made from the earth's resources and that cost no one to create it was us that put the price on thing's. The majority need to decide on whats better for everyone not area's given choices from government set choices with really non of them being any good or going to make any good change. The money maker's, the families that tell us when we are allowed to print more money to put us in more debt to them. By giving us a set amount of money and asking us to pay back more and they do this to nearly every country. We are waking up and maybe your still asleep but this would have to show one way or another .

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