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Brian and Tonya Cline ask that you sign their petition in the memory of their 4 year old daughter to make All Car Manufactories release or have signed off on any vehicle bought & sold in the USA that require all Retailer, Wholesale, Private or any Auction Dealers be required by law and are held responsible to make sure every vehicle new or used sold have a Clean Title acknowledgement of all Recalls given the vehicle a clean bill of health for all safety issue or warranty issued being certified.

This petition is going to benefit the safety of all families everywhere from going through a tragic loss of a family member to a simple recall issue.

Tonya purchased a used vehicle five days prior to May 06, 2013, when she lost control of her Ford Escape killing her 4 year old daughter and seriously injuring her older daughter. Tonya told the police that she lost control of the vehicle because the vehicle would not stop, it was speeding up.
35 days after the accident Tonya received the police report outlining the cause of the accident. The vehicle that she bought was from a used car dealer and this vehicle had been recalled for the acceleration throttle sticking, that it would cause the vehicle to gain speed out of control and they found that other defects were found that should have been noticed and fixed during the State Inspection.
They are asking to have a law passed that all vehicles at final sale have a clean title for all Recalls Issues fixed and have been signed off and certified. So this tragedy doesn’t happen to your family, friends or neighbors for a simple free fix from the car manufactory where the car maker sent notices out and made the car dealer and customer aware of a safety defect. Many cars are sold each day around the country for profit and many recalls are overlooked through these sales to just get the vehicle off the lot.
Many times the Car Manufactories have taken responsible by making the public aware, but there are dealerships that cut corners to sell vehicles, so let’s make them responsible to stand behind a clean title with no defects or recalls uncertified for protecting your family.

This Law will be called "Venna Cline Total Recall Law"
The Venna Cline Total Recall Law would reduce the senseless loss of life and protect the Car Makers, the Seller and the customer and that is YOU. Place the power back into your hands!

Thank you

Letter to
Tonya Cline
I am asking that this petition be approved to protect many families around the country, from losing a family member to a free and simple fix from the Car Manufacturing Companies.

We are asking because this would reduce senseless lawsuit and senseless loss of life, to make any vehicle bought or sold get a stamp of approval that all recall defects were certified removing the responsibility into the owner of the vehicle at that point.

There are many laws written only for certain recalls, lets eliminate many single causes and put one law to cover all recalls. My niece and nephew lost their 4 year old, because the vehicle they purchase had a recall that was overlooked do to a shorty sale. This vehicle had a unsafe recall, of throttle sticking and acceleration that caused her vehicle to speed up and lost control around a sharp curve crashing into a tree.

I don't want to see this happen to any other family and you have the power to make a difference, so lets make a stand and present the Venna Cline Total Recall Law.

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