& The Vantage Team Must Stop Exploiting Students

& The Vantage Team Must Stop Exploiting Students

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Hundreds of students spent thousands of pounds for what they believed to be a prestigious student accommodation with exceptional amenities such as a sky lounge, and air condition & smart TVs in all bedrooms.

The Vantage had been advertised as a brand-new luxury student accommodation that was designed to the highest specification. Many students applied in the belief that they would be were promised fantastic living/social spaces in a modern and comfortable environment.

Students applied in the belief that they would be coming into a brand-new and finished accommodation they were promised. However, the reality for those students was an outright lie and ongoing disaster that is being played out in real-time today.

Hundreds of students arrived at The Vantage to find their ‘brand-new luxury student accommodation’ resemble something closer to a wreck. Students were forced to move-in in close proximity to dangerous equipment and hazardous vehicles.

Despite the clearance of rubble outside, the internals of The Vantage would still remain a travesty as there are still rooms unfit for humans to live in with toxic black mould spreading throughout the entire building. With each rainy day, certain rooms will be flooded with water drenching carpet and ruining student possessions. Other rooms lack working bathroom facilities as observed in one student’s room: flushing the toilet would lead to toilet-water spouting out of their shower pipe and creating a bad smell in the room.

There are thousands of complaints regarding the ill-fitted and rattling elevator with one report of injury caused by poor and rushed installation of the elevator.

The travesty extends past uninhabitable living conditions. Prior to moving in, students were suddenly informed that the building was unfinished and were given the option of living in a hotel or arriving one week later. A promise of a cash back incentive and rent rebate were promised as part of the tenancy agreement.

To date, there are still a large number of students who have not received compensation that they were promised. The Vantage and have provided a myriad of wild excuses as to why they cannot simply provide the reimbursement that they assured students would receive if they paid the first instalment.

Another unfulfilled promise was made to students claiming they would be receiving cash for each week that facilities are not available.

Attempts to contact The Vantage team would bring confusing and fruitless responses that appear to be a spit in the face of stressed and anxious students. For the first week of move-in, students were unable to get through to the sales team or the property team in what appeared to be an intentional disconnect of telephone and email services.

The gruesome acts of dishonesty on the behalf of The Vantage team & deserves to be brought public eye. They have worked to ensure that their seemingly malicious and ill-intentioned plot to exploit and siphon funds from hundreds of Nottingham students remains concealed and obscured.

We can’t allow this to progress anymore, and we are calling for the exploitation to cease. We demand that process the compensation she had promised to every student. In addition, we demand that the aggressive infestation of black mould is seen too before it spirals out of control. We demand fire alarm drills are performed accurately rather than randomly. We demand a proper communication channel is installed and the agreement between tenants and landlord is restored as there has been several breaches of the tenancy agreement by The Vantage Team.

Furthermore, we demand that, The Vantage team and Prestige Student Living fulfil their part and restore the relationship between landlord and tenant by providing a detailed and thorough explanation of what lead to the failure of delivering a complete building in time and what motivated the team to lie about compensation.

We don’t make these demands as an act of vengeance, nor an act of retribution or an act of retaliation. We make these demands because we fear a stark reality: that a large corporation had successfully siphoned more than £3 million from a mass of powerless university students and got away it.

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!