Save Youth Centres around the Vale!

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The Vale youth services funding is being cut.
The proposal means that The Vale Youth Service will be restructuring, resulting in qualified part time staff that work within our YOUTH CLUBS will be made redundant around the vale. Many of these workers also being told that they will receive no redundancy settlement at all.
They want a voluntary, community led youth provision ( like libraries, I say the children aren't BOOKS!), for whom there is no way of enforcing EWC registration or DBS ( Disclosure and Barring Service), regulations, safeguard trained. Making our vulnerable young people further vulnerable...this is worrying! Because not only are youth workers there to listen to our children they are qualified and trained to deal with issues, Like... safeguarding, ASIST training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), mental health, drug and alcohol awareness, epilepsy training, autism training and many more...

The Vale Youth service statement reads: "The Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service believes that young people regardless of race, ability, sexuality, gender, geography, creed or colour represent our most valuable resource.

We will establish partnerships with agencies, to ensure that young people will be given high quality provision offering positive choices and opportunities during their transition to adulthood in order to achieve their potential as empowered individuals, through participation in education initiatives that address issues affecting them.

Clearly by loosing ALL our current Youth workers, that are already qualified they are NOT adhearing to their Mission Statement - do you not agree? Their suggestion to School Provisions, be it Lunch time OR after school we feel will not suffice. The children need a setting AWAY from school, to enable their transition to Adulthood independently. Children already give up their lunch periods for various clubs / activities, and after school provision will be difficult to working parents and those children who take part in after school activities already.

The Vale of Glamorgan is an ever increasing community - What will the children of The Vale do if this service that is already there and working, was to be taken away from them? And no one is willing to take on voluntary, community led youth provision?... Surely a group of 50+ children in a controlled environment such as the Youth Club, would be better than 50+ children hanging around the streets? This will put a strain on other resources such as Policing. Without this resource, it will result in more Communal Behavioral Orders, Gang-like cultures and Town Centre Bans.
Please save our YOUTH CLUBS!

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