US Congress Must Act Now: Suspend All Rents & Mortgages during ongoing COVID19 Crisis

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your hard work in this time of worldwide crisis. COVID19 Vaccines are finally being distributed, but you are well aware that that it will take a significant amount of TIME until ALL Americans have received it. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are STILL being critically impacted where HOME SAFETY is concerned during the CURRENT epically WIDESPREAD RESURGENCE of this deadly COVID19 virus. Most people are still out of work, or have greatly reduced hours and are UNable to make their housing payments. People are STILL BEING EVICTED in VIOLATION OF the current CDC Moratorium - I HAVE WITNESSED IT! To lose one's home is in direct conflict with the continuing 'Stay HOME - Stay Safe'' way of current life. Without a nationwide OPEN ENDED Moratorium in effect which includes all stipulations listed below to protect Americans from losing their homes, ALL are in serious danger because the current CDC Moratorium EXPIRES DEC. 31, 2020, which is only a couple of weeks away!!

Due to the phase-reopening of the states and subsequent swift resurgence of the deadly COVID19 virus across the nation, this Moratorium is CRUCIAL, and MUST have MUCH STEEPER, SEVERE, STRICT FINES & JAIL TIME for ANY VIOLATORS than the one currently in place because I have WITNESSED court officials & Landlords IGNORING the CDC's MORATORIUM, even when handed a hard copy of the Moratorium AND the SIGNED DECLARATIONS! They are filing AND ORDERING MULTIPLE 'NON-PAYMENT' EVICTIONS, EVEN AFTER BEING PRESENTED WITH the CDC's ORDERS!

In a phone call, a Cheif Magistrate ADMITTED the wrongdoings and apologized, but DID NOTHING to OVERTURN the MULTIPLE EVICTIONS their underling ordered in Court proceedings from the start date of the CDC Moratorium until that date, which was several weeks!! THEY ARE VIOLATING THE LAW, RENDERING PEOPLE HOMELESS, NOT CARING & NOT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!  THIS MUST STOP!

This Moratorium needs to be for a total pause on mortgage and rent payments, which includes stipulation that there be NO PENALTIES, INTEREST or LATE FEES after the crisis has abated and NO LOOPHOLES which allow landlords to embellish the truth in order to obtain evictions, along with punishment & penalties for ignoring it as described below in the detailed list. Americans and their housing must be wholly and SAFELY protected from COVID19-gouging by their landlords and/or their mortgage holders/banks and insurance companies, and corrupt court officials & lawbreaking Landlords both now and after the crisis.

Expected POST-crisis gouging and demands of accrued payment debt(s) or penalties by banks/lenders and landlords, plus current unfair and unliveable raises in rent (discussed below) and/or evictions/threats, will cause massive widespread homelessness and suffering. It will also bring forth undue and overwhelming floods of people into Assistance Agencies, which will strangle our nation's assistance capabilities.

We ALL need your help.

NOW is the time to ensure ALL America's citizens can "Stay Safe". We are ALL suffering because of this COVID Pandemic. No matter how you look at it, each American citizen - whether homeowner or tenant, disabled or able, poor or rich, young or old - has suffered from little or no help during the COVID Pandemic and their lives have dramatically, severely and detrimentally changed. With a nationwide Stay-Safe Stay-At-Home way of life in effect for the most part during this crisis - "HOME" (shelter) being the operative word - it is imperative you protect ALL of your constituents in this time of need. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for your leadership. America is now suffering as never before. We beg you to please immediately enact a United States COVID-19 Housing Moratorium to:

  • suspend mortgage & rent payments nationwide during the continuing COVID19 crisis, with the stipulation of:
  • no penalties levied, or demands for accrued debt (interest; mortgage payments, homeowners or renters insurance payments, or rent payments),
  • with immediate effect, covering any and all COVID19 related financial diffculties beginning from Feb 2020 and continuing after the crisis has abated, to cover any and all debt accrued during the COVID19 crisis.
  • Strict guidelines with immediate and DEFINITE (not "chance of..") punishment incuding steep fines and automatic 60 days jail time for landlords and court officials, disbarment and termination of employment of any Magistrate, Judge, Attorney, or their superiors who had knowledge thereof and did nothing, who participate in or prosecute an Eviction case that resulted in an eviction while the Moratorium is active. Fines to be DOUBLED and jail time of 1 year with no possibility of early release, if the eviction results in death of anyone who was living in the home at the time of the eviction. 
  • No loopholes for landlords or mortgage holders to be able to evict or foreclose on ANY citizen, with the ONLY exceptions being renters who commit a violent crime, destruction of property, child endangerment of minors in the home, dealing illegal drugs out of the residence, or are wanted by the law. They must provide solid, legal proof of the above (court case documents, police report or documentation, DSS documentation, et al)  to the Clerk Of Court WHEN FILING THE EVICTION or they shall NOT be able to file. 

This will protect ALL United States citizens. We are all in this together: "United we stand..".

Thank you, and God bless these United States Of America.