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Petitioning We the People

The Va.Tech. / Sandy Hook Bill for Handgun Control

                               Our Gun Control is out of Control

I believe our gun laws has to many freedoms and those freedoms has caused a lot of death. I have comprised a proposal, I believe will work for both sides of the isles.I believe this proposal will reduce handgun crimes, create one law for gun control nationwide, and restore our internattional tourist market. There are 5 subjects it will cover and if you like, show support because the best is yet to come. I would also like to take this time to say thank you in advance for all your efforts.

Letter to
We the People
The Second Amendment... The Second Amendment states, we have the right to keep and bear arms. Well I say, what did our four fathers mean by KEEP, because they could have said Own, which is definitive. Keep has many meanings and descriptions, thus giving opportunity for change. I believe my proposal can do that and will win any debate in the US Supreme Court.

Citizens Rights... Citizens will no longer own handguns, but be allow to least them and must return them upon leaving the state, just as law enforcement officers do when leaving law enforcement and soldiers do during peace times. This will also eliminate the straw buyers.

State Abbreviation... Handguns will have the state abbreviation next to the serial number and if a handgun is taken out of state, the penalty must be severe.

Manufactures... Manufactures will be required to fire and store the data in our national data bank prior to selling and shipping any handguns in the US.

Ammunition... There will be a limit on how much ammunition a person can have at one time. Their purchases will be recorded and stored in the national data bank and this will also end stock piling ammunition.