Unlocking the 10.or G,E,D Bootloader

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Since the 10.or G,E,D has been launched in October 2017, it has been a great phone that has served many people well. Some people simply don't want to get newer phones that potentially don't have removable batteries and removable backs. For many people, they are attached to this phone and don't want to upgrade. However, there is one restriction preventing 10.or G,E,D owners from having those latest Android versions. The fact that the bootloader is not unlockable restricts 10.or G,E,D owners from enjoying their freedom with the phones that they love and cherish.

This is definitely legal, as people will only replace the ROM that they have on their phones and not root. Most people don't need root, but being on an up-to-date ROM can save frustration when that malware that could infect phones with Android 6 or lower, which is the latest version that could be run on this phone.

We are simply asking to help us with these phones, since many people are either too poor to afford a new shiny phone or just don't want to get new ones. Having an option to unlock the bootloader could open great possibilities and in no-way will hurt Tenor sales, but could possibly boost them as former owners of the 10.or G,E,D will see that 10.or G,E,D actually cares about its customers.

All that we are asking is for a bit more freedom from a carrier that is otherwise perfect in every regard. We understand that there might be reasons for keeping the bootloader locked, but most likely they can be overlooked for a phone of this age with security updates being from a few months ago. We, the customers, ask for this phone to last until it will stop working with the latest Android versions.