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The US GOV'T: Benjaman Kyle needs a new social security number.

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In 2004, Benjaman Kyle woke up outside of a Burger King in Georgia without any clothes, any ID, or any memories. Benjaman was diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, also known as the "Hollywood Amnesia": where you wake up remembering nothing. In 2007, the FBI became involved, but could not identify him: making him the only US citizen in History listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known. Benjaman can't remember who he is, and not even the US government can tell him: leaving him without an identity, and without a social security number.

Without a social security number, Benjaman can't get hired or even stay in a homeless shelter. In other words, there's nothing he can do. He's trapped in a loophole that nobody anticipated. Only legislation on the national level will allow Benjaman to work and have a place to stay.

When this was brought to Senator Bill Nelson's attention in a 2011 local news interview, Bill Said "We can't just leave this man behind... the government has got to respond." We respect Mr. Nelson's instincts, and simply wish to uphold him to his word. Benjaman is unable to work, or have a place to stay: and his rights as an American are not being upheld. We wish for Mr. Nelson to bring this to the attention of the US Senate, reminding them that when Thomas Jefferson said that "all men are created equal", he did not include "only if they have their social security number."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
-Martin Luther King Jr

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