Petition update

Coming up on another major landmark!

A.J. Bray
Niagara Falls, United States

May 20, 2013 — Almost to 35,000, and I couldn't be more appreciative! In case any of you are worried, even though I set a "magic number," our efforts have proven to be SO effective that the automated system overrode it. Apparently, even a computerized system can see we're on a roll! Talk about having faith in us!

Thank you all, and keep up the amazing work! I'll keep up my end -- I'm steadily courting the DOL and Arizona AG through every method I can. I'll be following up with them this week! Feel free to add YOUR voice to the conversation on Twitter -- @USDOL and @ArizonaAG. Tell them what you want, think, and BELIEVE! Strength (and justice) in numbers!

A.J. :)


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