The Urgency of D.C. Statehood- It's time to Right the Wrong.

The Urgency of D.C. Statehood- It's time to Right the Wrong.

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What if you joined a company that has a reputation for offering excellent job security and a handsome benefits package, and several months in, you discovered that the beautiful package that drew you there doesn’t extend to you? What if you contacted your union representative and found out that he/she will listen to your complaints but neither reports them nor advocate for you when it matters most? And what if you worked the same hours as your colleagues, but your employer opted to tax you at a much higher rate and deprive you of vacation and sick days? What would you do and to whom would you turn?

In America, we pride ourselves in a democratic government that is opposed to oppression. We claim to believe in liberty and justice for all but the reality is that democracy and justice are privileges that not all Americans have access to. Washington, D.C. is our nation’s capital and the residents of this area know better than anyone else what it’s like to be stripped of representation and to be taxed harsher than those who reside across the country. To date, 702,455 Washingtonians have fought tirelessly to obtain Statehood and equal representation in government. Opposers of the Bill for D.C. Statehood try to justify this form of oppression by claiming that the Founding Fathers never intended for Washington, D.C. to be a separate State. However, until our Constitution was amended, the Founders deemed it fit to promote slavery, deny women of their right to vote, and endorsed oppression. Clearly, the Founders had the best intentions for our nation, but they were also flawed men, and the amendments that followed the composition of our Constitution sought to right their wrongs. We’ve come a long way but there is a longing for additional amendments to our Constitution.

Particularly, Under Article IV, Section III of the U.S. Constitution, Washingtonians have been stripped of their rights to advocate for themselves, to be equally represented in a vote, and to be heard in national government with accurate representation. Many lawmakers have proposed a bipartisan bill called the HR 51 Bill, which provides for the admission of Washington, D.C. into the Union, as the 51st US State.  This Bill also examines:

a)    Election of officials of the State

b)   Issuance of Presidential Proclamation

c)    Territories and boundaries of Washington, D.C.

d)   Description of District of Columbia after the admission of the State

This Bill looks at a multitude of other aspects of creating Washington D.C. as the 51st State. If you would like to read further, please read:


By advocating for Washington, D.C. to become a state, Washingtonians would finally enjoy the same benefits of all Americans, which include  

a)    Voting rights

b)   Being heard in Senate, House of Representatives, Congress, and Legislature

c)    Being taxed with Representation

Washingtonians are Americans and at the heart of our nation, they are being denied the same rights as other Americans across the United States. This is an insult to our democracy and all that our nation represents. “Capitol Stripping”, as we’ve coined it, is disgraceful and un-American and this petition strive to strengthen the cause and advocate for Washingtonians who have long endured this injustice.

Like the employee that we described above, you would probably want justice and while you may not currently reside in Washington, D.C., the imposition of new legislature can suddenly change the way that residents of this- and any other State function from day to day. On this platform, we invite you to stand with us to promote equality for all races, ethnicities, and underprivileged groups in D.C.- and all across the United States. If you believe that Washingtonians deserve equal rights, please sign our petition below to help our nation’s Capitol become the 51st State of the United States of America.

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