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Help stop obesity by making changes to school lunch menus

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I want to help stop obesity in children by urging schools to stop carrying unhealthy food and drink items on their school lunch menus. This is really important that schools should change their lunch menus because 22% of today’s children and adolescents are obese and 25% are overweight. In my Health class of contemporary health issues we discussed the topic of weight management. In the textbook by Patricia A. Floyd, Sandra E. Mimms, and Caroline Yelding I learned that death due to poor diet and physical inactivity rose by 33% over the past decade. This statistic really opened my eyes to the fact that things need to change in the United States today, and what is better than starting with children. The book stated that health Hazards of obesity include higher rates of cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis, some cancers, and other serious conditions as well as a shorter lifespan. Fast food has become the main thing that children eat today and it is making their health decline. I propose that the school system changes their lunch menu to take out all of the unhealthy items and replace them with good nutritious alternatives. Vegetables are the best source of nutrients and should be a staple in all children’s diets. Since kids spend most of their time at school during the week, it is best if they are given nutritious food. All of the sodas, chips, candies, cookies and other unhealthy items need to be removed right away. I also petition that the school has a class where children learn about nutrition and exercise, so that they are well informed and can make better decisions throughout life. Food can be and should be pleasurable and satisfying. If children are taught to make smart decisions in choosing healthy foods they will be able to eat well and feel well. This small step that is very attainable can be made to help stop childhood obesity and as a result will produce less heavy adults as well in the future.

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