UVA needs to keep their Veteran’s Day 21-gun salute!

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I consider myself a patriotic person. I come from a long line of family members who served in the armed forces and sacrificed for this country, and have many veteran friends. Each has sacrificed. Several have have either suffered tremendously or even lost their lives because of their service.

Don’t our veterans deserve our gratitude and the highest honors we can offer? The origins of the 21-gun salute date back to the 14th century as a 7-gun salute demonstrating peaceful intention. It evolved into an INTERNATIONALLY AGREED UPON SALUTE in 1875 as the highest honor a nation could offer.

One of this country’s many problems in this day-in-age is the erosion of time-honored, respectful traditions that demonstrated our values to the world and affirmed those values to its citizens. I am greatly disappointed in The University of Virginia. If the it is concerned about “panic”, make sure everyone knows it’s coming - easy; but do not deny those who deserve the best from this country one of the few honors that’s been afforded them. IT MEANS SOMETHING!!!